16-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Description: I am wanting to buy a cast metal bracket that is made for supporting a fog light. It bolts between the Bumper guard and the bumper. Mopar # 986334
16-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Description: hit a pole and damaged mine. i would prefer a black one
Description: I am looking for a set of early model Corvair carbs with the auto choke feature. This is the main thing keeping me from running the truck. I know I can go to clarks, but I'd like to find them closer and cheaper. Thanks!
16-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
I need tiny beads/gems (fake) to make bobby pims for hair. I have a small fortune off larger beads fr makng jewelry. Can do a swap.
15-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a shower chair with a back on it for my brother who has had next surgery who cannot get into a bathtub and is afraid to take a shower for fear of falling.
Desperately needing a dresser for my daughters room. Doesn t have to be pretty as we can paint it for her but prefer the drawers be in working condition. Need it by Thursday
14-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Any moving or packing supplies needed as well
13-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of any and all brewing supplies. Carboys, tubing, bottle, corks, the whole deal. :) Just getting started.
13-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking to put a train set together for my grandson from scratch so looking for any and all, O, HO, N etc. cars, engines, rail, all is needed. Thanks
13-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
My tomato plants are getting huge. Need either fencing or something to hold them. Any suggestions? Thanks!
5-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm searching for a non-functioning mini-fridge, preferably with the coolant already empty but even one with a broken compressor would be fine. Hoping to modify it into the drying chamber of a home-made solar dehydrator. Thanks!
Looking for a few box fans - don't have to be pretty but in working condition please and thank you!
2-Jul-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for all sizes of boxes or totes for moving
30-Jun-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Need boxes to move please
30-Jun-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Would prefer clean boxes that reams of paper came in. Could also use moving/packing boxes.
25-Jun-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a pop up camper in reasonably good condition. No major defects or dangerous conditions (i.e. molds, etc.). Hail damage, repairable tears okay.
23-Jun-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
I'm hoping to find a storage container for 6 large chair cushions for the patio.
19-Jun-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Need to fill a few spaces in my attic to provide flooring. Any sized pieces are welcome
18-Jun-2018Omaha, NE(8 miles)Items Wanted
Wanted a puppy or dog 3-5 yes old. A Bull Mastiff is preferable. But willing to consider any puppy.
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